is a frequently updated events site with news and calendar listings relating to the USA.

Built for all those people looking for events, festivals, arts, music gigs, fairs etc you will find it on provides frequently updated videos, featured articles and event listing links to the essential sites for us all to know what's happening in the US.

Bringing you regular updates, the site has built a loyal and growing group of followers both in the US and abroad. All featured content on the site is managed by a dedicated team of editors who publish awesome high quality content from a fresh perspective. provides a gateway into local news. Both video and editorial content featuring an array of articles from current state of arts, sports, music, festivals, band gigs, culture to coverage of recent developments in USA, serve to keep readers interested, informed and eager to return to the site.

We strive to always create our own content covering American events including music festivals, band tours, gigs, family events, the arts and the most popular cultural events. We are an online publishing company with a portfolio of sites covering the USA.

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