A Whirlwind Tour of Baltimore City

A Whirlwind Tour of Baltimore City

The US city of Baltimore has changed drastically over the years. As time moved, newer, more exciting spots for tourists visiting the city have been discovered. Even with this, it is not a secret that Baltimore has much more to offer. Indeed, the city has not yet attained its full potential. This is partly due to the influence of the city's working-class population. Regardless, if you want to get the ingredients for a modern tourist paradise, visit Baltimore. Here, you will find interesting shops, ethnic restaurants, museums, boutique hotels and restaurants.

In the Baltimore National Aquarium, visitors can enjoy plenty of marine life, especial if they naturally love to do this. The National Aquarium is famous as America's best centre of aquarium exhibition. You can find some 600 species of marine biological life here.

Visitors can always enjoy an exciting exploration of the beautiful aquatic ecosystem. In case you naturally love historical things, Baltimore city will not disappoint. You can readily visit the famous ancient ships found here. You will find some famous ships displayed on any day you visit. These will include the USS Torsk, the Taney, the USS Constellation and the Chesapeake, among others.

In the morning hours, you can spend some quality time at the Baltimore waterfronts. This is especially exciting on the first day of your tour. Later on, you can get to enjoy the cooling breeze on the beaches while sipping a drink of your choice. This is also the best time for you to take a stroll along the Inner Harbor. At such a time, the crowds are usually smaller.

In the afternoon, it is great to take a walk or ride on to Mt. Vernon. To reach here, you can take the route that strolls up the North Charles Street. After walking for some 20 minutes, you will pass by the legendary Baltimore Basilica. This ancient historic cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church was built in the 1800s. Many admires' hearts and minds have always been captured by the cathedral's grand neoclassical designs. The cathedral is built on a Mt Vernon historical site. It exists along with some left-overs of the 19th-century heritage buildings.

A highlight of this is a visit to the Washington Museum. It is a prominent point of the entire tour. Here, you will come across a statue of the founding President of America, George Washington. This is proudly erected within the city. After this, you can always take a hearty lunch at the Dooby's coffee restaurant. This popular café usually serves great dishes, including seafood dumplings, kimchi burger and the accented Asian roast pork noodle ramen. Most likely, you will get some excellent coffee and bakery featuring prominently on the menu as well.

You will discover many other historical attractions awaiting you on a visit to Baltimore. One of the best ways to start your journey off should be to visit the famous Walters Museum Art. This is a free exhibition centre that comes with vast art collections. These range from French impressionist crafts, woodblock prints of Japanese origin, renaissance paintings, and some Roman sculptures,

It is, undoubtedly, excellent advice for a visitor in this city to pass by the George Peabody Center Library. The library features a magnificent atrium architecture. This building spans five stories and is filled with more than 300,000 books that date from the 19th century. In the final hours of the afternoon, you may visit the Maryland Historic Society. Here, you will get a few old artefacts that have been carefully preserved for the last 400 years.

Later in the evening, you should make sure to visit the Fells point. This is an important hub in Baltimore for all matters touching on shipbuilding. Today, the place is dotted with many shops and restaurants. The trip atmosphere can now be spiced up by having an early drink at a lively bar nearby. The options for a delicious dinner are plenty. You can take a sumptuous meal at the popular Thames St Oyster House restaurant. You can get a memorable meal made of oysters done with cocktails.

Next, you can visit Federal Hill. One of the main attractions includes the Historic Shrine and the Fort McHenry Monument. This fort became quite famous in 1814 for surviving a British army naval attack. This is ultimately what inspired the composition of America's national anthem.