Alabama State of the USA

Alabama State of the USA

Alabama is the southeastern US state that is home to major landmarks from the American Civil Rights Movement. Take for example the city of Birmingham, that was a protest headquarters in the 1960s for Martin Luther King. Now we should note that while this article uses descriptons such as black and white, we do not feel that color lables help human society to live as one, we prefer that all people are seen as people and feel that labels fuel racial divide, segregation and separation. However for this article to reference history in a general way we appologies to the human race for using color groups to discuss the past. The city is well-known all over the world for its role in the civil rights movement in America. For this and other reasons, Birmingham city is a famous historical city.

Thinking back and going down the memory lane, Birmingham featured quite prominently in world news, highlighting the great struggle between Americans of African origin and the Whites. This was especially the case between 1950-1960. When people think about the American civil rights movement, Birmingham quickly comes to mind. Indeed, this city does not just symbolize the civil rights struggle in America. It actually symbolizes this struggle as reflected in various parts of the world.

In 1963 till the end of the 20th century, the state of Alabama constituted a new legislative house and that of the disenfranchised. These series of laws and practices were, in time, used to deny the Black population the right to vote. This situation ultimately pitted the Blacks against the whites as two classes involved in a struggle. The Blacks were not even allowed to register in the common voters' roll. In 1964 in came the civil rights act.

The legislative measures established discrimination based on color, caste and sex. In time, these repressive measures ended with the introduction of voter enrolment requirements in offices, schools and public accommodation places. Regardless of these positive developments, it is notable that the powers necessary to enforce the remedial legislation were still weak and thus the law became largely ineffective.

The tourism elements, at this time, took steps to make capital of the situation. They hastened to build many impressive infrastructural facilities. Among these is the stately Civil Rights Institute. This museum provides a remarkable picture of how the biggest city in South Alabama eventually went on to become an extremist state. In time, the city became prominent in fighting during the equal rights war.

Geographically speaking, Birmingham city borders the valley Appalachians and the rich mountain ridges. In the south of Birmingham are the Red mountains. This city is filled with wooded hills. The residents have peculiar food habits. Moreover, the city is blessed with great music endowment. The food here can be quite delicious. The city's many souvenirs give Birmingham a genuine homely atmosphere. Nevertheless, despite these factors, the people's food habits can quite peculiar.

Some foods that are loved by people here are rich in the sense that they give a taste of the city's history and tradition. Being an industrial city, Birmingham has always attracted plenty of laborers who come from varied agricultural backgrounds.

The city of Birmingham features a variety of cuisine that trace their origin back to African and American cultures. Among foods that are regarded as most important in this southern part of the US is soul food. The word soul has a special connotation. It indicates a combination of African and American cultures involved in the life of this city.

Soul food was first popularized in the 1960s decades. It is notable that the migrants, in a way, considered soul food as a stark reminder of the past life in America's northern cities. Interestingly, most of the soul food restaurants were owned by blacks. Such restaurants were generally regarded as some kind of a rendezvous, or place of meeting, for people of African descent. In time, soul food progressively became the African staple food.

Interestingly, these days, soul food is a common meal for both blacks and whites. The main staple food in some parts of America is maize or corn. The cuisine associated with most parts of the Southern Native America include blackberries, raspberries and other peculiar berries. Many Native Americans typically supplement their diet with meat that they get from hunting expeditions.

Birmingham's diverse culture led to the city becoming the birthplace of a brand new music style. This style slowly gained a global influence. In the 1950s, for instance, the rock and roll style of music was introduced. It quickly became a craze. The popularity of this genre of music continued into the 1960s when the Drum beats genre took over. It quickly gained national and international fame. Further, the leading folk music scholars started recording sensational productions at this time.