Birmingham The South Rising Star

Birmingham The South Rising Star

Birmingham, the largest city in the state of Alabama was established in the year, 1871 has a historical reference and also the state is significant for the Civil Rights Movement. The city for a decade, 1950 – 1960 received worldwide significance in the struggle between Africans and Americans. Birmingham's name recalls the Civil rights Movement throughout the world in the year ,1963 and at the end of the century, the Alabama state constituted a new legislature and the disenfranchised , which is a series of laws and practices were used to prohibit the black citizens to register to vote. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, is the important in the civil rights legislation, where the outlawed discrimination is based on many origins, for example color, caste, sex . It ended with diverse application of voter enrollment requirements in all fields like in schools and in offices and also in the public accommodations. To enforce the act the powers were very weak.

During that period to attract the students, many tourism supporters have built many impressive infrastructures among them is the Civil Rights Institute. Now the museum gives a clear picture about how the largest city in the South of Alabama became an extremist state joined the equal rights war. Geographically the city Birmingham is bordered by mountain ridges and valley Appalachians. Red mountains lie in the south of the Birmingham, the city is filled with wooded hills and the people have a desirable food habits and the city is blessed with music. The food, souvenirs give the delicious tastes and homely atmosphere. The food habits of the city are different, but some have the sense of history and tradition. Birmingham is an industrial city and attracts many labor from different agricultural fields.

Soul Food

The variety of the cuisine, which was originated from African and American culture. The soul food is the most important food in the Southern United States. The word soul is used to indicate that this is the combined culture of African – American people. The soul food was popularized in the 60s . The migrants found with the soul food as a reminder of the northern cities. The soul food restaurants were owned by the blacks, and they consider that the restaurant is the meeting place to eat together. The soul food is the dietary staple food of the Africans. The soul food is now the common food for both blacks and whites. The American main staple food is corn (maize). Many fruits like raspberries, blackberries and many other berries are the part of the Southern Native people cuisine. The Native Americans supplement their diet with meat, which they get from hunting.

Birmingham's Music

The diverse culture of the city had become a birthplace for a new style of music. Many have the global influence. Rock and Roll was introduced in the 50s, this music waved for a decade and in 60s Drum beats were became popular. This drum beat had gained national and international popularity. Along with the drum beats many folk music scholars recorded sensation during this period.

Attractions of Birmingham

The most important place in Birmingham is the birthplace of the city. Even though the city entered into the new century, but the old attractions reminds for the visitors for its significance. The residents of the city will enjoy a pleasant walk around the Sloss. The native people, enjoy a walk on the humid day and they recommend us a visit to that birthplace on a humid day. The outdoor entertainment is an attractive dominant part of the city character. The parks give more greenery than any other place in the State. It is very recreational and accessible in the city. Fishing is the main occupation of the city people. Golf and biking interests the people of the city. The latest developments indicate that Birmingham is the city of the rising star.