Choose and Explore a National Park Around US

Choose and Explore a National Park Around US

Roam to nature might be one of the best things to do to get out from the daily routine. If you love hiking, camping, bird watching, cross country, and any other activity related to nature life, you may want to have some visit to the National Park. Around U.S.A, there's a lot of National Park ready to be explored. They are so wide and beautiful, how to choose which one to visit for the first round? Here are some reviews you may want to find out about each.


Rocky Mountain National Park located here. A lot of wildlife activity can be found, from birdwatching to cross-country skiing in the winter. A lot of activity guarantees your satisfaction exploring nature over here. You can enter the Estes Park on the Valley of Rocky Mountain. You should pay $20 for a car or $ 10 for bicycle or motorcycle. It will last for seven days. Exploring through might give you a chance to see a rare bird, or a herd of bighorn sheep and elk, from their habitat. Also, you will find the beautiful scenery along the way. The peak of it is the hidden lake and the backcountry vistas.

At the end, there's a Great Sand Dunes spread widely. You will find it like being on Mars since the landscape is totally different from the other side of the park. Keep yourself hydrated by bringing some water since the dune gets hot. You may bring some plastic sled or garbage bag to help you get back faster to slide down the dunes. The entrance fee is $3 for a week or $15 a year for a family packed.


Glacier National Park will be the first come to mind since it is most spectacular. Wildlife watching and hiking can satisfy your eyes. Exploring the thoroughfare as located in the valley will let you able to see the beautiful blue lakes surrounding by the mountains. It will take off your fatigue and coddle your eyes. You have to be careful with the grizzlies you may found here. They might be beautiful to see, but don't get too close and consulting with the rangers about the safety is the best idea. From late September until mid-May, the facilities are closed, but the Park still open. You can make an entrance from Whitefish for the best entrance town. For Glacier, they charge $25 in summer and $15 during a winter. This fee valid per vehicle.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is a historical site. The Crow Indian Reservation also locates here. To be there they charge $10 per person or bicycle and $15 per vehicle.


Grand Teton National Park is one of the most destinations for the people in love with nature. You can go hiking or boating or wildlife watching. It's a good backpacker's destination too. Be careful with the weather and the bear. You may want to talk to the guide or the ranger for a life safety precaution. The village of Moose or town of Jackson can be a choice. They charge $30 per vehicle for seven days.

Yellowstone National Park is always the best destination. You will be presented by a unique landscape it has. The boiling geyser looks like a giant hot spring. You can walk along the board to approach and enjoy the view. This is one of the hiker's destinations. This parks also the inhabitants of wolves, grizzly, and bighorn sheep. The lodge architecture might be something to look over. You can make your home base on Cody WY. They charge $30 per car or $50 in addition to Grand Teton Park.