Common Cybersecurity Crimes

Common Cybersecurity Crimes

These days cybercrime can take place in different forms in the digital environment. Such offences cause physical or mental harm or tarnish the victim's reputation; it's done using computer networks and services such as mobile networks and the internet. The crimes can be divided into two major groups: computer as a handle and as a target. Using a computer as a target requires specific high expertise to penetrate through the systems. Such things are not expected due to the coordination and expertise needed.

These crimes mainly depend on computer malware, viruses, and denial of service attacks. Using the computer as a tool does not need much expertise to commit since the attacker depends on human exploitation. They are often ubiquitous in society. The following are types of unethical cybersecurity crimes that use a computer- either as a tool or a target:

Cyberstalking and online harassment are usually seen on social media platforms in comments, posts, or direct messages sent using any channel. Cyberstalking is the type of harassment that focuses on a single person- with good or bad intentions. The cyber-stalker usually monitors the victim by looking at the relationship between their family members, colleagues, or employers to continue with the stalking activity. They threaten their victims to release personal information about them in the media, either in the form of pictures, videos, or audio. These crimes damage the victim's mental state where most of them end up committing suicide. To protect yourself against such cases, you should report to the relevant authority of the platform you are being stalked on; you can do this by using live chats, emails, or any other available means of communication.

Internet fraud is the process of asking people to send money by promising that their money will double within a short period- it's a major characteristic of fake investments companies. They mostly used to take place during the days of the traditional mail, faxes, and telephones- it has widely spread due to the modern internet services. How does it work? Typically, a person may be given a reward, after which a lengthy procedure is dictated to follow using an active account- this is where the bonus is to be deposited.

Once you follow those steps, any money in your report will be deducted without you knowing; sometimes, they may end up blocking it temporarily until you visit the service provider. Listing fake jobs and asking for money is another common fraud where one is asked to pay paperwork costs. To defend yourself against such tricks, think twice about what you are being told- find out if it's true or false. Don't trust people who call and offer you attractive deals and don't pay anything in advance.

A phishing scam is another attack that tricks unsuspecting users on social media platforms to give away their personal details. These crimes are done by impersonating trusted and popular products, by building websites and creating fake social media profiles to attract users. They produce look-alike sites that make it difficult to differentiate which is genuine and which isn't. The websites even have places where you can fill forms with your details to receive some supposed discount. From a business point of view, these scams try to imitate potential suppliers. To be secure from these kinds of scams, pay attention to verified social media accounts, domains, and names when browsing on the internet. The application of common sense is very vital against any scam.

Identity theft is like a phishing scam that exists in two forms. As a tool used to commit a crime, the criminals have improved their reach, making it easier to use due to the scope of the internet. The impersonation of a person characterizes it; the criminals promise not to do anything evil to anyone but aim to access your account and payment method that you may have saved on the website. By accessing your invoices and payment methods, they can purchase things on your behalf. The most inexpensive way of securing your identity online is by sharing little information about yourself. Always keep an eye on all online accounts activity and report anything that looks suspicious.

As you have seen, these crimes take place in many forms, which are not new and are becoming more widely spread with the spread of the internet. It's of great importance to keep in mind that these crimes happen in our personal and professional lives; therefore, you should always keep your eyes open to detect them well before they happen.