This is US - Ending Soon

This is US - Ending Soon

According to the entertainment news in the USA, there are some sad news for the fans of the show "

This is US

". News have been uncovered that the show will end after its six seasons. The popular USA season has made a name as an encouraging, yet an emotional television show. It follows three siblings and focuses on how the family gets through the hardest moments of life. The show is currently in its third season, but still successful as ever.

Ventimiglia, a 41-year-old who plays the role of Jack Pearson on the show, made a statement in an interview to Ellen DeGeneres, a known USA celebrity. She said that they don't know where they are going or what is going to happen. The show could be a huge hit in season six and the audience may want beyond it, but wrapping it up in that season would be a nice story. He continued, that the audience knew they were going to have three more seasons. The creator of the season Dan Fogelman and the show runner Isaac Aptaker discussed the show's end in an interview with Deadline, a popular entertainment news in USA. He said, that he hoped that the ending would be elegant like how the audience expects the ending to be. The ending should bring the audience to a satisfactory end, and they should feel like they have watched something that is a complete piece of work. He further stated that this was their main motive while planning the ending. They have had this thought in mind since long and they were trying to make it a whole, contrary to the seasons that go endlessly. But the thing of documentaries is that you cannot end the way you want them to.

Both the characters, Young Kevin and Teen Kevin revealed to an entertainment news in USA that they had shot the scenes of the finale appearance. This is because they are playing a specific age, so if the role wants to show something at the series, the scenes should be shot before hand in that time frame. It is mandatory to film them before the young actors grow out of the character or age limit. Fogelman dished that the season had been a great deal about reclamation, but had a lot of rebirth also. The next seasons would be completely versatile seasons with new beginnings and restarts. However, the show might have an early ending despite the high ratings.

However, as contradictory as it appears to be, the show could actually bring some good news for the fans as Fogelman has always been committed to the show. So, the last season will definitely have a purpose because they don't want the hit drama to be stretched out un necessarily as it leads the audience to lose interest. It appears as though the imaginative personalities behind "This Is Us" have everything arranged, and with three seasons still left to go before the supposed end, who realizes what they have in store. The show has been in the USA buzz ever since there have been news about its ending.