Chewbacca Mom – A Gold Medal candidate

Chewbacca Mom

A long held belief in the minds of people is that laughter is the best cure for any depressive sickness. Mrs. Candace Payne, a mother who hails from Dallas, had her recorded video went viral when she unleashed a hysterical laughter. She did that all while putting on Chewbacca mask sold at Kohl's. She shared her journey of ending up being acquainted with the mask originated from the famed Star Wars character Chewbacca with popular TV slot Good Morning Americas. It was an interview aired on May 23rd, Monday morning.

Mrs. Candace had totally no intention to purchase the mask, as mentioned to the talk show host. Her original objective was shopping for a few pairs of yoga pants as she wanted to have a more rigorous workout routine. It was not working well for her initial plan, and one thing led to another and she drifted to the toys section after being discouraged about yoga pants. She switched her focus on buying some toys for her small kids. She had been a longtime superfan for Star Wars movie series. As she strolled along the toys section, she bumped into one box, coincidentally a box containing a creepy, hairy yet hilarious purring mask of Chewbacca features. The mask was common to all, but one feature stood out which surprised her. The mask has a sound feature which emits Chewbacca's growl. She accidentally unleashed the sound feature which let out a growl, and wanted the mask badly for herself but not for her kids.

She duly purchased the mask and left Kohl's. The mask was seemed to be calling her to try on right at her car in the carpark. She had some spare time, about 30 minutes before having to fetch her children back from school. The mask will be their precious belongings once they spotted the purchase. She then tried the mask on and shared to her Facebook friends and family members via video recording. Anybody can view it if they feel like doing so and it was for all to share.

The video broke viewing records and currently stands as the highest amount of views for a Facebook Live category video. It smashed through 136million views from the first day the video was uploaded on May 19. Mrs. Candace felt herself deserving one huge gold plated medal for the record breaking stint. A podium should be awaiting her coupled with flower presentation and national anthem singing to mark the historical moment. She jokingly remarked on her thoughts on fame and stardom via the viral video.

The mother of 2 kids continued on with a serious tone on the video clip's high acceptance rate and resonance with viewers. She truly believes in laughter as a universal cure for citizens and populations from all over the globe. We should have a supportive friend or friends lifting our backs whenever we are down and be open minded and less serious. This attitude can break the cynicism virus that has infected million worldwide. Somebody and everybody needs a good laugh and laughter is contagious and rightfully to be enjoyed by all. She had that joyous moment during the scene in the clip.

Ever since Mrs. Payne shared the birthday present "gifting" ceremony to herself on Facebook, her family had been showered with many toys. Kohl's sales representatives made an unannounced surprise visit to her home on May 20 and brought along many toys along with the main prop Chewbacca mask. The mask had tremendous sale volume online after the short hilarious clip went viral. Hasbro, the mask manufacturer also sent a basket of figurines to Mrs. Payne together with a myriad of Star Wars merchandise.