Novel Way of Businesses To Contribute

Gardner White

What do business leaders in the U.S. have in common? Actually, a better question is: what do they have in common besides money and success? They certainly didn't all start their own businesses. They don't all dress in any particular manner or brand of clothing. They don't all have some secret diet plan or pill that keeps them functioning on a higher level than everyone else on the planet. They probably don't have secret meetings with time traveling aliens who tell them what their next business move should be either…probably. However, the one thing they all share is a drive to continue improving, upgrading, and moving forward, both in business and in life.

Although most of the news about Michigan these days is understandably focused on the Flint water crisis, there is also good news coming from the "land of 1,000 lakes." Michigan has had a lot of troubles since the decline in U.S. car manufacturing which brought Detroit to its knees, but many business leaders in the state have been working to maintain positive business practices and improve the Michigan-based businesses that have not been in the news so much.

Take the Gardner White furniture company as an example. The Detroit Free Press reported that there have been a few recent changes in management, and the current leaders, Kathi Veltri, Pat Sebastian, and Pamela Novak-George took the opportunity to donate furniture to fire departments in Detroit and Taylor, Michigan. Why is this important? They are not only sharing the company's assets with the community, but also sharing their drive for improvement. Upgrading the furniture in a fire house may sound like a small thing, but think about it from a firefighter's perspective.

Most fans of prime time tv know that professional firefighters spend a huge amount of time at the fire station. It's like a second home. These public servants eat and sleep there, and in light of the high stress level that is inextricably linked to their life-saving work, comfort matters. The business leaders of Gardner White recognize how important it is to maintain or improve working conditions, not only within their own company, but in the public service sphere as well.

Not everyone understands this phenomenon, but when public servants feel appreciated, they are grateful. Gratitude is an under-appreciated emotion because, while it's a small thing by itself, it can do amazing things to improve the human condition and interpersonal interactions. Gratitude for appreciation from business leaders in the community can help relieve some of the stress that firefighters feel. Everyone knows that stress can inhibit a person's ability to work and function well. Doesn't it make sense to show appreciation to public servants, give them an opportunity to find gratitude, and support their efforts to protect their little piece of this great nation?

This is why it's important to share that drive for improvement that business leaders all have within themselves. A couple of the Gardner White leaders chose to celebrate their own promotions by sharing that upgraded feeling with firefighters. What lesson can be gleaned from this info? It's simple. Next time you get an upgrade in your work sphere, share that with someone. An upgrade for everyone improves morale in the workplace, the community, the U.S., and eventually, the world.