American Top Banks & What Makes Them Tick

american top banks & what makes them tick

America's Top Banks & What Makes Them Tick

Goldman Sacks bank is a US investment bank with its headquarters in New York city. The bank specializes in offering various financial solutions such as investment management, client services, investments, and lending services. It has over 34000 employees to ensure the customers' needs are catered for.

The bank's success- it has over $.5.2 billion in net income- results from its ability to innovate and develop solutions to serve the customers better. What makes it tick? The institution has a friendly and welcoming staff as well as a people-oriented approach to business.

JP Morgan Chase & co

JP Morgan Chase is one of the most profitable banking institutions in the United States, with over $21 billion in net profits annually. It offers banking solutions in sectors such as private banking, assets management, and investment banking. The customers are guaranteed to experience quality banking services due to this diversity. Indeed, with over 240,000 branches worldwide, the customers are guaranteed to have the best in a secure environment.

Morgan Stanley Bank

With its annual profits surpasing $8.8 billion, Morgan Stanley bank is an industry giant, especially within the Wall Street corridors. The bank offers services in investment securities, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, and wealth management. The bank has an array of service offerings; this is is one of its best success secrets-. It employs aover 56,000 workers who cater to the customer's wealth management and investment banking needs.

Citigroup Bank

With over 2,500 branches spread out in 19 countries, Citigroup bank is a state-of-the-art pioneer in modern banking. The institution offers services mainly in the investments sector and digital banking. In 2020, it was named the best digital bank ( according to Global magazine) for the 19th consecutive year. This shows how consistent the bank is in serving customers.

Wells Fargo Company

Wells Fargo specializes in community banking, wealth management, investment banking, and small businesses. With a net income of over $10 billion, Wells Fargo has emerged as a force to reckon with in the banking industry. Its focus on small retail businesses and community banking has enabled it to scale the heights of success. Its diversified portfolio of services allows customers to get the best services in the sector.

Bank of America Corp

If you want a lender whose rates are the best, then Bank of America Corp is the place to be. The bank's headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina. It has other subsidiaries across the United States to cater to customer's needs. Its success comes from banking and non-banking services, wealth management and investment banking.

US Bancorp

Standing tall at its headquarters in Minneapolis, US, Bancorp bank employs over 60,000 people to ensure the best services in its numerous branches and subsidiaries around the country. The bank offers services such as mortgage banking, insurance, credit card services, and ATM processing. With annual net profits of over $6 billion, the bank can attribute its success to expansion into the consumer retail banking space in multiple locations.

Capital One Financial Corp

Capital One Financial Bank mainly offers services such as consumer banking, commercial banking, credit card services, and digital banking. With headquarters countrywide, Capital one bank has steadily recorded high profits of up to $3.7 billion. Its extensive banking services portfolio has made it possible to offer various services to ensure the customers get the best services.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank has over 2,000 branches in over 15 states in the United States, and the signs indicate it will continue expanding phenomenally. Based in Pittsburg, PNC bank was formed by merging Pittsburg National Corporation and Providence National Corporation. Its success primarily rsulted from being innovative in technology. Indeed, this was among the the earliest banks to integrat the E-Wallet seamlessly into their operations.

Bank of New York Mellon

The bank of New York Mellon recorded a net income of $3.6 billion in 2020, and this shows how much success the bank has since achieved. Today, the Bank of New York Mellon is among the most significant asset management banks worldwide. The financial institution is managing assets valued at close to $1 billion. In addition to asset management, the bank also provides investment banking solutions, wealth management, and collateral management services.

Cryptocurrency in US Financial Sector

cryptocurrency in us financial sector

How the Cryptocurrency Era is Radically Shaping the US Financial Sector

Cryptocurrencies have become a booming industry, with financial experts estimating the industry to be worth nearly $200 billion. With significant business captains of industry such as Elon Musk participating and endorsing this new form of currency, it is a technological innovation that will considerably redefine how the financial sector looks like in 2021 and the future.

The phenomenal rise in cryptocurrency popularity in the last few years has proved that technological change is-indeed-inevitable. In the United States alone, over 2,000 businesses are now accepting Bitcoin as payment from consumers. This new acceptance is a significant shift from the standard cash-in-hand transactions that most people have used fir decades.

Further, financial markets worldwide have now provided traders with the opportunity to trade in Bitcoin- the trend has been steadily rising in the last couple of months. Blockchain technology has not only presented opportunities for ordinary traders but also to big business moguls. Recently, Tesla made the news headlines when its CEO, Elon musk, purchased $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin. This move rallied bitcoin on an upwards trajectory even further. The trend shows how much potential power bitcoin actually possesses.

What's more, in the future, bitcoin is projected to be on track as the world's most valuable currency. Well, in time bitcoin may become even more valuable than the Euro or the sterling pound. Bitcoin's rising value is the reason many countries are now advocating for cryptocurrency use. Of course, the year 2020 was stressful, especially to financial markets- even though bitcoin also felt the effect, it has been able to rise steadily. In the future, we will begin to see more banking and lending institutions accepting cryptocurrencies as their preferred payment method.

Also, in the future, we might see the expansion and growth of economies, and this will be due to cryptocurrency activities. The mining of bitcoin will provide business opportunities for many people worldwide, especially in developing countries. Russia is now accounts for 6.9% of the world's total cryptocurrency mining capacity- showing how lucrative this activity is. More economies worldwide are likely to follow suit in setting up infrastructures around cryptocurrencies. This will, undoubtedly boost their economies.

The banking industry has often demonstrated a lack of transparency in many ways. The onset of cryptocurrencies has- clearly- changed this dynamic and will continue to do so in the future. Transactions in the crypto world are transparent, as it enables customers to get an inside look at what goes on throughout the stages of a transaction. Privacy will also be enhanced in the future as crypto transactions involve high levels of encryption, guaranteeing users' privacy.

Access to funds in the financial world has mostly been restricted to big players in the industry, especially when it comes to substantial lump sums of money. Currently, most customers often jump through hoops to access cash from banking institutions. Cryptocurrencies will change this-more individuals will be able to access money regardless of their power ranking. E-wallets will also continue to become popular as more people realize the importance of owning the new currencies.

Also, financial market players in the future must be keener while trading cryptocurrencies. Over the past few months, many have witnessed how volatile Bitcoin has become, and many stakeholders in the industry expressed concerns. In the future, traders will have to be more careful while trading these currencies. More competent trading practices must be developed to counter the volatilities of cryptocurrencies. This became evident when Elon Musk stirred the market by making unusual crypto purchases.

Ultimately, financial policy formulation will take a different approach because of these currencies. Banks and monetary institutions will lose control of the money supply if these currencies are issued in a decentralized manner. Policies to regulate such currencies will be crucial, as they will determine how the coins are held. Bitcoin, for instance is likely to make governments categorize mining activities to deduce the best way to deploy taxation measures.

Finally, many have heard of businesses using cryptocurrencies to raise money from investors. This capital mobilization is called an Initial Coin Offering(ICO). In the future, there's likely to be more of this. In the end, businesses must shift more towards using cryptocurrencies to mobilize funds, create a need for better regulation and prevent illegal activities. Think of it: Through its financial market supervisory authority, Switzerland recently released regulatory measures for ICOs, and more nations are likely to follow suit in the future; this is quite interesting.

Telemedicine Profitable Investment

telemedicine profitable investment

Revealed: Is Telemedicine the World's Most Profitable Investment?

This is-undoubtedly- a big question: Is telemedicine proving to be the new kid on the bloc of the most profitable investments in the US and the world in 2021? Just consider these facts: While we all agree 2020 was a relatively 'crazy year-' thinking of the coronavirus pandemic- Teledoc Health services ran a business worth an astounding $209.42 in stocks (up from $83.26 in the previous year). These figures represented an incredible growth 152% by December 23, 2020. What does all this say about telemedicine's future? Yes, the pundits have posed the question: What really sent the stocks flying in this unprecedented manner?

Interestingly, we have to think back to get everything right: The emergence of the Covid- 19 pandemic sometime in early 2020 meant that people had to develop new ideas to manage the emerging health issues. Why? Many consumers had no option but to remain at home during the seemingly endless lockdowns. Then came the answer in a rather unexpected situation- the rise in telehealth services. Once this happened, the era of telehealth services was ushered in. Soon, this form of service skyrocketed and became so popular that it quickly became the modus operandi. By the end of 2021, hundreds of doctors in the US were poised to log over a billion virtual visits. Not only was this astounding, but it was also unprecedented.

Today, many health professionals admit that we've effectively ushered in a new era in the history of medicine. In other words, humanity has actually turned a corner, marking a revolution in the way doctors practice medicine. And there's another, more interesting fact- by the beginning of 2021, many doctors in the US reported that most virtual visits were utterly unrelated to the Covid 19 problem. In other words, patients are opting for virtual consultation and diagnosis purely as a matter of personal preference.

Listen to what Jason Gorevic, the CEO at Teladoc had to say on this phenomenon: 'Without a doubt, we've transitioned to the situation where many physicians and consumers consider telehealth as the best way to dispense and access health care.' Because of this seismic shift in the way medics practice medicine, there's unprecedented demand for a singular (centralized) telehealth platform that can cater to primary care, allied health, educational resources, and mental health in a roller-coaster.' Yes, this means that medicine has finally moved on; there's no guarantee that it will ever return to its former station.

Medics were-generally- never in doubt regarding the future of the Covid 19 health crisis in the US and other parts of the world. Why, most health professionals knew well (from scientific analysis) that the second or subsequent wave of the coronavirus would be worse. Think of it, the first wave of the pandemic almost overwhelmed the world's healthcare systems. Economies everywhere on the globe were virtually devastated. The pandemic affected many people's mental health and well-being. The challenge of depression and anxiety became a new issue of national debate. New cases of these ailments soared frighteningly.

In June 2020, a new survey by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revealed that almost 41% of adults in the US had undergone some 'unusual behavioral or mental health condition.' Such conditions included post-traumatic stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and depression. Amazingly these figures were three to four times the situation in 2019. Further, 10.7 % of the people interviewed admitted that-at one point in the previous 30 days- they seriously thought about ending their lives. Of course, to these, it seemed like the only solution to their problems.

The American Medical Association (AMA) says that 'over 35 of the US states have reported a phenomenal increase in opioid-linked mortality. Moreover, within the same states, AMA reported a rising concern for people with substance abuse disorder and mental health issues.'

But- soon- there was unexpected good news regarding a modern, high-tech solution to the Covid-19- related emerging medical challenges. In a press release, CloudMD, which previously ran a successful medical service in Canada, announced it was launching its ultra-modern mental health support services and technology in the US. The company planned to drive its expansion programs all over the country. CloudMD would do this in collaboration with the newly acquired RXi Group. They planned to run a well-established 'One-stop patient support logistics agency' and provide customer-related management services.

Mortgage Giant UWM Stocks Decline

mortgage giant uwm stocks decline

Stocks for US Mortgage Giant UWM Decline Despite Massive Profits in 2021

In some of the most profitable years since its inception, the leading US mortgage lender, UWM Holdings, reported a historic $1.4 billion profit in net income in 2020. This represents a whopping 822% profit, capping what seemed a sterling achievement.

Surprisingly, the massive profit margin wasn't enough to satisfy the company's investors. As a result, by early February 2021, the shares dropped by about 10% - reflecting investor diffidence. According to UWM Company spokesperson, the firm barely missed its 2020 profit projections by a tiny margin. The management expected UWM to achieve lower profit margins on its new mortgages in the quarter ending in March 2021. UWM is also known as Pontiac. In efforts to lure investors in September 2020, the UWM management had announced that the company expected to earn $200 billion in originations.

Despite this, a Wedbush Securities Analyst, Henry Coffey, expressed confidence, saying that Pontiac's quarterly performance was significantly strong. Interestingly, after a record-shattering 2020 performance, the UWM investors demonstrated nervousness about the company's future profitability prospects with regards to originating mortgages. This explained the significant decline in the company's share performance by early 2021.

On a more positive note, the UWM's CEO, Mr. Mat Ishbia indicated that his company's lending business would grow by a minimum of 15% in 2021. This disregarded the fact that other industry analysts expressed pessimism about the mortgage business's growth in 2021. In an interview, the CEO said that his company 'Was not even close to achieving all the refinances that ought to be in the market at this time.'

UWM is currently the US' topmost wholesale mortgage lender. In its position, UWM primarily offers funds for mortgages that loan brokers originally manage. In the last quarter, the company reported $ 54.7 billion in its loan originations. This means that the UWM's annual total equaled $ 182.5 billion.

In September 2020, UWM merged with Gore Holdings IV. The latter is well-known as a special purpose acquisition company. The pair gleefully enjoyed an unprecedented mortgage profit wave to achieve a $16 billion evaluation by the end of the period. In early 2021, UWM made its first public trading business on the New York Stock Exchange; by the debut week's close, the company had a market value worth more than $18 billion. In the upcoming quarter, the company management expects UWM to produce $52-57billion worth of new mortgages. Nevertheless, despite these successes, the management expects a significant run of performance. For instance, UWM strategically plans to capture at least 50% of the US wholesale market- to the detriment of its competitors.

Shortly before the company went public in a deal worth $16.1 billion (with SPAC), the CEO stated that observers would make a great mistake if they thought the company's performance would deteriorate. It soon became apparent that UWM was the biggest purchase lender in the entire US market. There was no doubt that UWM was far ahead of the competition-including Rocket Mortgage, its arch-rival. The CEO recently said that, with increased technological investment, UWM was set to rake in more profits in 2021.

Further, the CEO had this to say to indicate the reasons for his company's success: 'We have achieved a wonderful quarter-despite some decline- it's all been an amazing year. We, however, expect this to be our best year in history. I say this considering the mortgage volume prospects. As a company, we aim to focus on the fundamental business at hand. For us, the stock price only follows; it does not lead.' The CEO also explained that the stock price, rather than the 2020 record volume, was linked to 'a normal' year. He expressed optimism that the stock prices would rise to peak at about $13.50. For UWM, he said, the primary focus was business.

He further emphasized that they'd not allow the company's business in the broker channel to be interrupted by the usual fluctuations in the stock market prices. 'We must make the broker share go up, educate the people, and invest in technology. Yes, once we achieve this, the broker channel will undoubtedly grow. It does not matter whether the stock price is $20, $9, or $5; these factors have absolutely no impact on us.

The CEO was confident that on April 6, when the company gives its first dividend, the market dynamics will vindicate his optimism with the UWM's performance and projected growth.

Coronavirus Drops New York Property Value

coronavirus drops new york property value

Without a doubt, the Coronavirus pandemic ushered in a new normal, characterized by the 'work at home syndrome.' As a result, by the close of 2020, the value of hotel properties and office buildings in many of the world’s largest cities (like New York) fell sharply. This caused seismic rumbles and impacted stock prices. US economic experts now predict that the value of property taxes in New York City will decline sharply by as much as $2.5 billion. Not surprisingly, this represents the most significant decline since the 1990s.

Interestingly, analysts expect the post Covid- 19 situation to remain mostly the same- many people will (likely) continue to work at home. This also means that (after 2021) most office buildings in large cities like New York will remain unoccupied for a long time. According to a recent statement by New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, the sharp drop in the city's property value is directly attributed to the Covid- 19 pandemic effects. Clearly, most of the city’s buildings, hotels, and offices have remained empty since 2020; New York became a ghost city.

Further, according to the New York City Hall officials, the tax class market value (including hotels, office, and retail properties) has significantly fallen- by about 15.8%. Since real estate accounts for 50% of the city’s tax revenue, these figures will likely jeopardize City Hall’s budgetary prospects in the immediate future. Just like other US cities, New York has suffered unprecedented devastation since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived.

Some 26,000 people have died, the city lost billions of dollars (in expected tax revenue), and thousands of jobs. Moreover, unemployment rates exceeded 20% -at the worst point of the pandemic in 2020 and early 2021. Even though some businesses remained open, more than 500,000 residents of New York are unemployed. The city’s transport sector is adversely affected since most workers stay at home rather than travel to work.

Fortunately, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom; as the sages say, 'Behind every cloud is a silver lining'- analysts noted strange happenings throughout the Covid-19 pandemic months- the rich became more prosperous. Overall, this portends good news to the city- it means a higher prospect for increased income tax revenues.

Notably, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio consistently fought the Trump administration for 4 years, seeking federal aid. Both are optimistic that the newly installed Biden administration will change matters substantially. To brighten matters, the new US Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, recently announced that the incoming government would take over all Covid 19 disaster-related costs in the City and State.

The expected government intervention will let City Hall off the hook with regards to 25% of the federal emergency reimbursement costs. This also means New York State and city will save a whopping $2 billion. According to Mr. Schumer’s office, 'These savings will help plug the gaping Covid 19 related budget holes.' He says that this is 'a mere taste of better days ahead- coming out of Washington straight to New York.

Soon after Mr. Schumer’s encouraging revelation, US President Joe Biden announced a $1.9 trillion proposal to alleviate the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of this, his administration sought to set aside $ 350 billion to assist state and local governments.

Significantly, according to Mr. Schumer, New York City’s exciting deal with the incoming government to cover 100% of the Covid-19 related emergency expense means that the city will receive approximately $1 billion (both for the state and city. The deal strikingly resembles the Obama administration's pact- where the current president served as Vice-President. While the Trump administration had severally committed to boosting this kind of arrangement, his government never acted effectively to implement it. As a result, this compelled New York City and State to cover 25% of such costs.

Thanks to the new aid, the New York City Hall can now put on hold its plans to cut nearly $200 million in the education budget. Moreover, it can halt a plan to cut $ 44 million in the mayor’s favorite pre-school program (this is popularly known as the '3-K for All.'). On his part, Mr. Cuomo, the Governor, expressed optimism that the federal government would help backfill the $ 15 billion shortfall. This is the largest shortfall in the entire history of New York State.

A Whirlwind Tour of Baltimore City

US city of Baltimore

The US city of Baltimore has changed drastically over the years. As time moved, newer, more exciting spots for tourists visiting the city have been discovered. Even with this, it is not a secret that Baltimore has much more to offer. Indeed, the city has not yet attained its full potential. This is partly due to the influence of the city's working-class population. Regardless, if you want to get the ingredients for a modern tourist paradise, visit Baltimore. Here, you will find interesting shops, ethnic restaurants, museums, boutique hotels and restaurants.

In the Baltimore National Aquarium, visitors can enjoy plenty of marine life, especial if they naturally love to do this. The National Aquarium is famous as America's best centre of aquarium exhibition. You can find some 600 species of marine biological life here.

Visitors can always enjoy an exciting exploration of the beautiful aquatic ecosystem. In case you naturally love historical things, Baltimore city will not disappoint. You can readily visit the famous ancient ships found here. You will find some famous ships displayed on any day you visit. These will include the USS Torsk, the Taney, the USS Constellation and the Chesapeake, among others.

In the morning hours, you can spend some quality time at the Baltimore waterfronts. This is especially exciting on the first day of your tour. Later on, you can get to enjoy the cooling breeze on the beaches while sipping a drink of your choice. This is also the best time for you to take a stroll along the Inner Harbor. At such a time, the crowds are usually smaller.

In the afternoon, it is great to take a walk or ride on to Mt. Vernon. To reach here, you can take the route that strolls up the North Charles Street. After walking for some 20 minutes, you will pass by the legendary Baltimore Basilica. This ancient historic cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church was built in the 1800s. Many admires' hearts and minds have always been captured by the cathedral's grand neoclassical designs. The cathedral is built on a Mt Vernon historical site. It exists along with some left-overs of the 19th-century heritage buildings.

A highlight of this is a visit to the Washington Museum. It is a prominent point of the entire tour. Here, you will come across a statue of the founding President of America, George Washington. This is proudly erected within the city. After this, you can always take a hearty lunch at the Dooby's coffee restaurant. This popular café usually serves great dishes, including seafood dumplings, kimchi burger and the accented Asian roast pork noodle ramen. Most likely, you will get some excellent coffee and bakery featuring prominently on the menu as well.

You will discover many other historical attractions awaiting you on a visit to Baltimore. One of the best ways to start your journey off should be to visit the famous Walters Museum Art. This is a free exhibition centre that comes with vast art collections. These range from French impressionist crafts, woodblock prints of Japanese origin, renaissance paintings, and some Roman sculptures,

It is, undoubtedly, excellent advice for a visitor in this city to pass by the George Peabody Center Library. The library features a magnificent atrium architecture. This building spans five stories and is filled with more than 300,000 books that date from the 19th century. In the final hours of the afternoon, you may visit the Maryland Historic Society. Here, you will get a few old artefacts that have been carefully preserved for the last 400 years.

Later in the evening, you should make sure to visit the Fells point. This is an important hub in Baltimore for all matters touching on shipbuilding. Today, the place is dotted with many shops and restaurants. The trip atmosphere can now be spiced up by having an early drink at a lively bar nearby. The options for a delicious dinner are plenty. You can take a sumptuous meal at the popular Thames St Oyster House restaurant. You can get a memorable meal made of oysters done with cocktails.

Next, you can visit Federal Hill. One of the main attractions includes the Historic Shrine and the Fort McHenry Monument. This fort became quite famous in 1814 for surviving a British army naval attack. This is ultimately what inspired the composition of America's national anthem.

World Economy after covid

usa update World Economy covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread with alarming speed, infecting millions and bringing economic activity to a near-standstill as countries imposed tight restrictions on movement to halt the spread of the virus. The June 2020 Global Economic Prospects describes both the immediate and near-term outlook for the impact of the pandemic and the long-term damage it has dealt to prospects for growth. The baseline forecast envisions a 5.2 percent contraction in global GDP in 2020. What will the world look like after COVID-19? Many of the problems we will face in the next decade will simply be more extreme versions of those that we already confront today. We expect a rise of digital behavior such as remote working and online learning, video streaming and conferencing, telemedicine, and food delivery services.

Not long ago, some rather interesting things happened on the world economic front. At that time, popular stocks in the leading stock markets came to fall by about 20%. The stocks made an attempt to resuscitate, especially when the European central bank announced that there was a plan to improve things through collaboration with the Eurozone market. There was no indication of definite plans on how this would actually be done. Nevertheless, many celebrated this announcement with the hope that, at last, some light was coming out of the tunnel. A little dim, but a hopeful point, nonetheless.

Then other interesting things came. Like a thunderbolt, China announced a major decline in the national GDP by a whopping 6.9%. This was, apparently, the lowest decline in national fortunes for more than 25 years. Today, the leading world economic leaders are saying that this might affect the world in a way that is vastly unimaginable.

Have you ever thought about it? What is really common between China, oil and the steel industry? Plenty, some people say. In reality, these diverse entities may have several things in common: Anxious faces, unsteady guts and a nail-biting tendency. This is, perhaps, what they all share in common.

As we talk, you are probably planning to have a skiing session out on the slopes of the Alps in Switzerland, or some other fancy place. It is understandable that, at such times, you probably do not want to hear the term recession mentioned. Of course, if you are a banking mandarin planning to get more interest over money belonging to others, such a word is not welcome either.

Yes, who can doubt that China is today one of the world's secret superpowers? For this reason, if China is ridden with the smallest issues that some may think is not significant, the ballooning effect in the world economy could be truly devastating. They could be some huge challenges lurking on the way. The changes can be quite compelling as well. The trials might be both short-term and long term. In this situation, who will be able to lift his head out of the deep economic abyss?

Some also ask: What is really going on? Interestingly, some have made their case claiming that in the next few months or years, the world will have less demand for fuel. But this might just be a mere hypothesis. In the midst of this, a valid question comes: Is the world becoming gradually less dependent on oil from the Middle East? Can this really happen? If this is so, the prices will drop with less demand. Even so, many areas of the world economy are usually affected adversely when the prices drop in this manner.

But the world market is generally affected by so many factors other than the price of oil. Truly the world shares and stocks are not just affected by the uncertain oil market. Other significant areas of the economy are getting affected by the day. One of this is a celebrated giant in the name of the mining industry. Consider countries like Brazil, Russia and South Africa. In these countries, the prices of mining shares have been steadily dropping over the years. With this trend, you can guess that after a while, the overall prices of ordinary commodities will follow suit and drop significantly.

Have you heard of the cataclysmic term, Armageddon? Yes, to many people Armageddon means destruction, utter loss, disaster. Today, some major financial authorities are pulling in all directions in the attempt to catch up with the perpetually slipping prices of stocks. An Armageddon in the making?

Nevertheless, in the midst of all these, shouldn't we be optimistic? We expect that the world economy will rise up again, like the proverbial phoenix, at the end of the day. Nevertheless, the journey is filled with lots of challenges. While we all love to be optimistic, it might be wise to entertain what many call ‘a guarded optimism'. The signs are crystal clear: there could actually be another round of world recession looming on the wings.

At one time, in recent years, the world economy was estimated to grow at the rate of 3.1%. Nevertheless, several factors eventually worked against this initial positive trend. The highly delicate economies of nations like Brazil, Russia, coupled with the Chinese crisis as well as trouble at the US Federal Reserve Bank all combined to spell doom for the momentary glad tidings.

Where, then, will we get some real good news? Only the passage of time will tell.

The World Is Getting Greener

The World Is Getting Greener

The NASA satellites have revealed in a recent report that the world is greener than it was 20 years ago. The study shows that China and India are the two emerging countries which have the world's biggest population and now are leading the world to become more greener in the past years. The study further claims that the reason behind this massive change are the various tree planting programs in China. Also, the boost in agriculture in both the countries is one of the reasons for this change. India broke its own record of planting trees in 2017. Volunteers planted 66 million saplings in just 12 hours in India, which is a very big thing indeed.

NASA had an instrument that orbited the Earth on two satellites for 20 years. This instrument recorded this data. The instrument is known as the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrodiometer. In short, it can be called as the MODIS. This instrument provides a very high-resolution data with accurate information. With the help of this instrument researchers concluded that the world is greener as compared to the past 20 years. NASA reports that the world has become greener and the amount of leaf area on plants and trees can be equivalent to the amount of the area covered by the Amazon Rainforests. In other words, there is an addition of two million square miles of green leaf area in the world as compared to the year 2000.

However, China and India are said to be accountable for the one-third of this greening. Moreover, the MODIS satellite sensor has captures about 4 shots of each place on earth in the past 20 years. This instrument is considered to be a helpful resource to research on long term progressing of different subjects such as the earth's climate. A research scientist said that when they noticed the greening of the earth, they first thought it was because of the warmer and wetter climate. A warmer and wetter climate adds carbon dioxide to the environment which initiates more leaf growth. However, the MODIS later revealed the true picture that why the earth was getting greener.

China and its vast population has however played a 42% role in conserving forests. The particular programs to conserve and expand forests were conducted by the country to reduce soil erosion, air pollution and climate change. However, it leaded to a greener world. Whereas, India participated in a greener world by doing intensive cultivation of food crops. Both the countries have played an important role in the greener world by cultivating food crops. This was done through multiple cropping practices. When a field was harvested, it was again cultivated to replant, which in turn produced multiple harvests in a year. The production of food crops have increased by 35 to 40 percent in the past years. The reason behind this is the large population of both the countries.

We hope and pray that the greening process doesn't change In the upcoming years. However, if it may change there may be a number of factors behind it including the groundwater irrigation in India.

Entrepreneurial Success in the USA

Entrepreneurial Success in the USA

Beatles were not the only ones to get their success in the USA. A couple of small businesses like the British firms have found a massive amount of success in this diverse country as well.

The founder of "Soda Says", Grace Gould launched his tech product in the retail business of United States last year. According to him, one could not apply a marketing strategy of a certain country to another because it might not work.

A couple of factors matter when you are implementing a strategy of a certain country. For instance, the press is not a strong component in the USA news as there are only a few media brands covering the entire country. The business here needs to be taken state by state. Whether it is USA or any other country, it is important to know the rules and regulations of the law first. Founder of "Choose a Challenge", a travel firm (in photo) which was launched in Connecticut; said that some states made the firm jump through complex regulatory hoops. The firm is now expanded in to eight other states of America.

Also, it is important for businesses to know the law of USA, before establishing a business there. Firms need to hire a lawyer. A lawyer provides you a good grip of rules and regulations. Legal firms bring you the knowledge, that could help you flourish your business and help to encounter the challenges you might face in the future. For instance, the E2 Treaty Visa is for the British businesses who want to set up the offices of sales in the USA. For this, you need to show a certain amount of investment and a plan needs to be represented that answers the question, "Why is the company setting up a business in USA?". If one cannot afford the cost of a legal lawyer in the beginning, then he can start it off by hiring a local. Phenomenal talent can be witnessed when one starts exploring among the locals. The locals can be hired on a short notice, making your hiring decisions adequate for you. Cofounder of an executive recruitment firm TritonExec said that when someone needs to establish a business they need to think as a team, rather than separate entities. A benefit of one would result in the benefit of the other. Therefore, a sense of teamwork is mandatory in order to achieve success and the goals of an organization. He believes that assigning each US employee a UK buddy could bring a sound knowledge of the two states to each other.

According to a study, USA is more expensive in comparison to the UK. The shipping costs is at least three times more expensive because of the country's immense size. Charges of every service is higher. MS Gould suggested in a USA event, that Ad companies and PR consultants could charge companies a certain amount in a single day then what one expects to pay in an entire week in UK. Whereas, American entrepreneurs said to have a business style and confidence that lacks in the British entrepreneurs. It is said that the Britishers need to leave their humble attitude at the door, while setting up a business in USA.

Best wild watch and spring destinations

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The secrets that are not know in America's tourist destination is best known to wilderness lovers and explorers. Apart from the famous large and wide forests, several hot springs and other eye catching landscapes, there are other destinations that you can pay a wholesome visit.

Protection of the ecosystem and the wildlife in one of the world's pioneer national parks was one of the best decisions our fore fathers did. At Yellowstone Park, the wild animals and geothermal fields presents one of the most fascinating features that you can visit.

With boiling water rising above one hundred and sixty fourth feet above the ground, the old faithful is the cornerstone and backbone of Yellowstone's quench for tourism. It preserves the history of volcano eruption. It is easily accessed through a gate found to the ecosystem south side. Apart from being a volcano site, the old faithful is also a major stop over site that you can be able to see the geyser basin on the upper end.

Yellowstone Park has shifted to the current trends of digitization and made their own app that guides tourists in and around the game park. The app is of help when planning to visit the volcanic sites of the park, a place that features to hold the highest number of springs around the world.

There are various viewpoints around the park and you are left to choose which best suits you. There is a walk platform that is constructed using recycled tires from vehicles around the park. There is also another viewing site that is one mile away known as the trail point of observation that will give you the great view of forests , the fountains and the old faithful sceneries from above.

If you want to view eruptions as they happen, take a two and a half mile drive to the southern part of the old faithful to a place that is known as Lone star spring. The place is not visited more often,maybe due to its distance into the erupting springs. Off the kelper cascade area of parking, a six mile drive will take you to a place called Delacy Trail that is even more lifeless.

Using the same route, a drive of another six miles will bring you to lake called Shoshone. It is the largest body mass that is within the national park. It is characterized by having beaches of black sand and presents the best environment for camping.

The basin of springs in the Midway is straight to the north of the old faithful. This place has a beehive of geothermal action and is made more spectacular with the hot fountains of the Prismatic Grand. The fountains presents a very beautiful scenery for viewers at they emulate spectacular patterns that bring out different views on site.A two mile drive of the Prismatic area is the Fountain view point where you can see all the volcanic activity site of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone River passes through waterfalls and the canyon sites along the northern part of the central national park. Standing tall at three hundred and eight feet high, the Yellowstone lower falls becomes the highest waterfalls. The water runs through the parks forest until it reaches the Grand Canyon where it gashes through a rock at over nine hundred and eighty four feet.

There are a variety of ways in which you can make through Yellowstone Park, apart from driving. There are horses that offer rides through designated routes where you can as well get a treat of a lifetime. To tour areas with snow, there are several operators for Ilama trek's that are licensed to ferry people. At the national park of Yellowstone,you come to experience wildlife at its very harshest and most memorable.